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What to Expect During Your Doctor On Demand® Talk Therapy Visit

December 2020 

Talk therapy is a great way to manage stress and get support for all kinds of mental health concerns: depression, anxiety, anger, grief, postpartum concerns and more. So how does talk therapy work - and how does virtual talk therapy work? Here’s what State of Iowa employees and covered family members need to know.

Making your appointment 
If you haven’t yet, download the Doctor On Demand app to your smartphone or tablet and register for an account. Select “Get Care” at the bottom of the screen, and then “Book a Mental Health Session.” Select either “talk therapy with a psychologist” or “medication management with a psychiatrist.” You’ll then be prompted to choose a provider (the app offers short bios to help you pick the one that’s right for you) and an appointment time. 

Your pre-appointment assessment 
You may be asked to complete a short online self-assessment about your symptoms prior to your appointment. This will help your provider deliver better treatment. 

Your first visit 
Your provider will call you at your scheduled appointment time to begin the video visit. Before you jump into discussing what’s on your mind, you’ll spend some time getting to know one another and talking about what you hope to accomplish in your time together. 

Your treatment 
In the following visits, you and your provider will explore what’s causing your symptoms. They’ll help you reframe your concerns with new ways of thinking so you can build resiliency and generally feel better. 

Your toolkit 
Your provider will likely give you exercises to work on between sessions to help you find new ways to process your concerns, strengthen your coping skills and manage your symptoms. They may also recommend additional tools to enhance your progress such as relaxation techniques, tips for better sleep habits, or even working with a psychiatrist to find a medication* that’s right for you if needed.

Important tips

  • Therapy works best when you have a good connection with your provider so it might help to think of the first few sessions like dating. Do you like this person? Are you comfortable opening up to them? Do you feel like they understand you? If not, you may want to try talk therapy with a different Doctor On Demand provider.
  • To get the most out of your therapy, be completely honest with your provider. Nothing you say will shock or surprise them. The more open you can be, the sooner healing can begin.

Most important, it’s okay to not feel okay and Doctor on Demand can help. Visit to register for the service and schedule your appointment. You’ll get easy, confidential care for about $10 a visit. 

* Doctor On Demand physicians do not prescribe Scheduled I-IV DEA Controlled Substances and may elect not to treat or prescribe other medications based on what is clinically appropriate.