State of Iowa Insurance

Delta Dental Network: It’s Your Choice

January 2020 

Delta Dental gives you the widest choice of dentists through the largest network in Iowa and the U.S. With the State of Iowa’s dental plan, you can see any dentist you wish, but going to a Delta Dental (in-network) dentist gives you the best benefits and lowest out-of-pocket costs.

How Delta Dental pays for services from an in-network dentist:

  • The dentist files the claim for you.
  • Delta Dental pays the dentist directly, so you are only responsible for your coinsurance.
  • Most dentists will ask for payment after the claim has been processed.
  • Delta Dental dentists can never charge more than the allowed fee for covered services.

How Delta Dental pays for services from an out-of-network dentist:

  • You file the claim with Delta Dental.
  • The dentist may collect the entire charge at the time of service or the coinsurance from you. 
  • Once Delta Dental processes the claim, Delta Dental will send payment to you and the check may be payable to the dentist.
  • You are then responsible to provide the Delta Dental payment to the dentist because they do not have a contract with the out-of-network dentist.

Finding a Delta Dental dentist is easy
There are many advantages to going to a Delta Dental dentist – find one today at