Preventive Cancer Screenings

Preventive Cancer Screenings Are Covered Under State of Iowa Health Insurance

July 2018 

According to a report released in March by the State Health Registry of Iowa, approximately 6,300 Iowa residents will die from cancer this year. This is 18 times the number killed in car accidents across the state in the same timeframe.

Increase Your Chances of Detecting Cancer Early

Cancer screening increases the chances to detect certain cancers early, when treatment is likely to work best. Iowa Choice and National Choice cover cancer screening services, with no copay or out-of-pocket expense, for:

  • Breast cancer (using mammography).
  • Cervical cancer (using Pap tests).
  • Colorectal cancer (using colonoscopy).
  • Prostate cancer (using PSA tests).

Treating cancer can be costly, but the even bigger toll is paid by those people who are touched by the disease as patients, loved ones, or caregivers. Taking care of yourself and your loved ones is critical in the fight against cancer.