Iowa Certified Public Manager® (CPM) Consortium Receives Continued Accreditation

Iowa Certified Public Manager® (CPM) Consortium Receives Continued Accreditation 

December 2018 

The Iowa Certified Public Manager® (CPM) Consortium received continued accreditation as part of the National Certified Public Manager® Consortium Annual Business meeting held in Atlanta on October 24. Iowa’s program began in 2000 and since inception, more than 650 professionals from federal, state, county, municipal governments, and the nonprofit sector have completed the CPM program.  

Each CPM-accredited program met the requirements to provide training programs for public sector supervisors and managers that meet the core competencies of:

  • Personal and Organizational Integrity.
  • Managing Work.
  • Leading People.
  • Developing Self.
  • Systemic Integration.
  • Public Service Focus.
  • Change Leadership

A key component of Iowa’s CPM program is the completion of a Capstone Project where participants utilize the core competencies to offer improvements to the organization where they work or to address public policy issues within their state or local governments.  

The Iowa CPM program is provided through a partnership between the Iowa Department of Administrative Services and Drake University College of Business and Public Administration/Center for Professional Studies.

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