DAS Education

Developing Today's Leaders Through CPM Program - New Cohort Begins in July

May 2019 

The Certified Public ManagerĀ® program (CPM) is designed to benefit participants and their respective agencies. Managers and supervisors can enhance personal leadership strengths and find ways to become more effective in the workplace, while employers develop their talented supervisors and managers and help them take the next step in their careers. 

The next cohort starts July 22, 2019. Learn more about the program at https://das.iowa.gov/human-resources/training-and-development/certified-public-manager.

How do employees and employers benefit from the CPM program?

For employees, participation can:

  • Enhance personal leadership strengths for work life and personal life. 
  • Broaden intergovernmental networks and communication. 
  • Increase personal awareness and effectiveness. 
  • Evaluate and implement innovative solutions.
  • Encourage quality in public services. 
  • Provide real world competency-based learning. 
  • Gain membership in the American Academy of Certified Public ManagersĀ® upon successful completion of the program.

For employers, having employees participate can:

  • Bring knowledgeable staff up to speed quickly, saving time and money.
  • Spark new energy and learning in the office environment. 
  • Help focus on a long term project. 
  • Support employee development and mentoring. 
  • Champion a capstone project to improve effectiveness, efficiency and save money. 
  • Create opportunities for improved management skills and delegation. 
  • Aid in implementing nationally recognized process improvement theory and industry/government best practices.