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Get Better Outcomes with Blue Distinction® Specialty Care

April 2019 

When you need to get specialized care, like surgery or a transplant, where you choose to go can have an impact on your outcomes and overall cost. The best place to get higher quality, more affordable care is at a Blue Distinction® Center.

Blue Distinction Centers are facilities that provide a high level of expertise in specialized care. These facilities are recognized by the Blue Cross® Blue Shield® Association’s Blue Distinction® Specialty Care program, and have demonstrated expertise in ten key areas: bariatric (weight-loss) surgery, cancer care, cardiac care, cellular immunotherapy, fertility care, gene therapy, knee and hip replacement, maternity care, spine surgery, and transplants.

Within the Blue Distinction Specialty Care program, there are two designations: facilities

  • Blue Distinction Centers - recognized for their expertise in delivering specialty care
  • Blue Distinction Center+  - recognized for delivering cost-efficient, expert specialty care.

Why choose a Blue Distinction Center?
Blue Distinction Centers continually show better outcomes, including fewer complications and lower readmission rates, and Blue Distinction Center+ facilities are more cost-efficient. Blue Distinction Centers are a great option for anyone who needs specialized care. 

To find one of these facilities, go to and click on "Find a Blue Distinction Center."

If you have questions or want to learn more about Blue Distinction Specialty Care, contact Wellmark customer service at 800-622-0043.