Traveling and Your Health Care Coverage

Traveling and Your Health Care Coverage

June 2018 

When you set off on your family vacation this summer, rest assured you are covered for emergency care at home or away with both the Iowa Choice and National Choice health plan options. If you are traveling and experience an emergency situation, seek care at the nearest hospital emergency room. Click here for more information about how Wellmark defines an emergency.

It is important to note with Iowa Choice, you only have coverage for EMERGENCY medical services outside the network. With Iowa Choice, there is no out-of-network coverage for non-emergency care. 

When Traveling, Save Money with the BlueCard Program (National Choice only)
While on the road, you have the built-in benefit of saving money with the BlueCard Program. This allows you to take advantage of savings already negotiated with doctors and hospitals outside of Wellmark’s service area. 

More than 96 percent of all hospitals and 93 percent of physicians throughout the United States contract with Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans and participate in the Blue Card Program. To locate participating doctors and hospitals, call BlueCard Access at 800-810-2583 or visit the BlueCard Doctor and Hospital Finder at

If you receive care from a Blue Card Program provider while traveling, all you need to do is show your Wellmark ID card. In addition to the negotiated rates, you will also receive these advantages:

  • The physician or hospital will file the claim for you.
  • All participating doctors and hospitals are paid directly.
  • Participating providers agree to accept payment arrangements of the Blue plan in their home state. You’re only responsible for your applicable charges, deductibles, copayments, or coinsurance.

For more information on care while you’re traveling or about the BlueCard program, contact Wellmark’s customer service at 800-622-0043.