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newFY15 Utility Rates

You may view the FY15 utility rates and if you have questions, please contact DAS Finance at 281-6703. A complete listing of utility services provided by DAS, methodologies, rates and history is also provided for your convenience.

For the current rate of a marketplace service, please check eDAS.

What’s the latest on current rates or recent changes?

DAS will send information about rates and services directly to department directors as changes and updates occur. The latest of these communications are below for your reference.

FY15 Utility Rates

Utility rates and services

Utility rates for FY15 have been approved by the Department of Management. Click on the links below to see how these new rates will impact specific agencies or to get more information on rate setting methodology. if you have further questions or comments, please contact Lon Anderson with DAS Finance.

What types of services does DAS provide and how are they funded?

DAS provides a wide range of services encompassing general services, information technology, human resources and state accounting functions for government. These services are divided into three categories: utility, marketplace or leadership.

Utility services are those most efficiently provided through a centrally-managed resource in order to maximize efficiency and/or capture economies of scale – where it makes economic sense to have a single supplier for all users, like Capitol Complex space management. Customers (other state agencies) are required to purchase utility services from DAS.
Funding: customers have a voice in setting these utility rates through the Customer Council, which is similar to a board of directors in the private sector. Utility services are funded by payments made by the agencies using the services.

Marketplace services are those which customers have a choice of vendors (inside or outside state government), such as human resource training, conference planning, labor/management facilitation, motor pool vehicles, repairs, printing, graphic design, a variety of technology services including mainframe services, networking and e-government solutions.
Funding: marketplace services are discretionary services funded by payments made from an agency that decides to use the service.

Leadership services include policy, personnel, finance, and marketing/communications.
Funding: leadership services are funded by a General Fund appropriation to the Department of Administrative Services.


What is eDAS?

The eDAS Service Request and Billing System went into production July 1, 2005. eDAS allows customers to find billing information about services offered by DAS. It gives a brief description of the service, the cost and lists the service contact. Customers can view services by Enterprise, by category of service, or by searching for a key word about the service. eDAS makes it easy for customers to know what is offered and who to contact to obtain more information about services. The catalog of services is searchable without having to log in, but please note that an account is required to order services through eDAS.

Go to eDAS now to search for or order a service, or to get a rate for a marketplace service: https://eDAS.iowa.gov.