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Department of Administrative Services

Capitol Complex Digging Application Form

Please carefully read the following and complete all steps.

  1. Call Iowa One Call at 800-292-8989.  You must call at least five (5) working days prior to the time you want to put stakes in the ground.  Request a “joint meet” with Iowa One Call at a designated time and location.  (You will have to meet with the utility locaters.)  Iowa One Call will give you a confirmation number.
  2. Can Vannguard Utility Partners at 608-223-2014.  Advise them you have just called Iowa One Call; give them the confirmation number and the date/time of the joint meet.  Also, you must advise Vannguard that the charge for this locate should be sent to you – be prepared to give them your name, phone number and billing address.  (If the State receives the bill, we will send to you for payment).
  3. Complete this “Capitol Complex Digging Application” and submit as indicated.
  4. At the time you meet for the locates, you need to mark the area(s) you intend to penetrate with white spray paint since this will help eliminate confusion for you and the staff doing the locates.
  5. One Call and/or Vannguard must place their locate flags appropriately in the areas.
  6. After the locate flags are in place, you must call the DAS Electrical area at 515-208-0441 or 515-281-3137 or 515-326-0510.  They will do a visual inspection and either approve or disapprove your locations.

Note: Customer/Contractor requesting the locate will be responsible for the locate charge.

Project Name or Description:
State Project #:
Location/Nearest Intersection:
Please see the map below for assistance.

Proposed Start Date:    Proposed End Date:
Proposed Start Time:    Proposed End Time:
Note: Application must be renewed every Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday and state offices are closed).

One Call Confirmation Number:
Date Locate(s) scheduled:

Contractor/Applicant Information
Company Name: Office #:
Contact Person #:
E-mail Address: (we will confirm receipt of permit by e-mail)
On-Site Supervisor: Cell/Pager#:
Form completed by: Date completed:

Project Manager:    Dept/Div:
Office #:    Cell/Pager #:

Notified: ITE    A&E    Post 16    CCM    ICN    Safety    Other

By Clicking "Submit" at the bottom, your form will be sent to:
Dept of Administrative Services
Hoover State Office Bldg, Level A
Des Moines, IA 50319

Phone: (515) 242-5120 (Customer Service Center)
Fax: (515) 281-8748 (Capitol Complex Maintenance)

No penetration of Capitol Complex grounds may be initiated without informing General Services Enterprise-Customer Service Center by filling out and returning appropriate information on this form and placing a call to Iowa One Call (800-292-8989) and Vannguard Utility Partners (608-223-2014).

Please enter the code in the box and click "Submit" at the bottom.

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