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Department of Administrative Services

DAS Services Directory

DAS Service Personnel Contact Phone Number
Accounting Jay Cleveland 515-281-3725
Capitol Complex Events Nancy Williams 515-281-7259
Capitol Complex Maintenance/Custodial   515-281-3137
Central Procurement Enterprise (CPE)
Chief Operating Officer
Kelly Green 515-725-2272
Centralized Payroll Michelle Wendel
Customer Council Susan Churchill 515-281-3351
Customer Service Center - General CustServ.DAS@iowa.gov 515-242-5120
Customer Service - Building and Grounds CustServ.GSE@iowa.gov 515-242-5120
Customer Service - Human Resources CustServ.HRE@iowa.gov 515-281-5889
Daily Processing (Accounting) Trina Brietske 515-281-4497
Deferred Compensation Program Robbie Stoecker 515-242-6846
Construction & Design Resources Bureau Brant Carr 515-725-2260
Chief Deputy Director (DAS) Lon Anderson 515-281-6703
Director of DAS Mike Carroll 515-281-3273
Employee Benefits Ed Holland 515-242-6143
Employee Safety Program Tim Ryburn 515-242-5120 Option 3
Employment with the State Bill West 515-281-6770
Finance (DAS) Lon Anderson 515-281-6703
Fleet & Mail Services Tim Ryburn 515-281-7702
General Services Enterprise (GSE)
Chief Operating Officer
Doug Woodley 515-281-8388
Human Resources Enterprise (HRE)
Chief Operating Officer
Michelle Minnehan 515-281-5064
HRE Help Desk (automated) 515-281-3087
Income Offsets Jay Cleveland 515-281-3725
Information Security Office Jeff Franklin 515-281-4820
Information Technology Enterprise (ITE)
Chief Operating Officer
Matt Behrens 515-281-0768
Integrated Information for Iowa (I/3 system) I/3 Help Desk contacts  
IT Applications and E-Government Rozinek, Russ 515-281-4836
Bureau of IT Services Matt Behrens 515-281-0768
Labor Relations Janet Phipps-Burkhead 515-725-2205
Lease & Space Management Ben Brackett 515-802-1729
Legal Counsel Janet Phipps-Burkhead 515-725-2205
Legislative Liaison Lon Anderson 515-281-6703
Marketing & Communications Caleb Hunter 515-725-2017
Mechanical/Electrical   515-281-3137
Performance & Development Solutions Jeff Panknen 515-725-2246
Personnel Officers Stefanie Pirkl 515-281-4415
Printing Services Lise Melton 515-281-5050
State Accounting Enterprise (SAE)
Chief Operating Officer
Calvin McKelvogue 515-281-4877
Technology Service Desk ITE Service Desk 515-281-5703
Training & Development Jeff Panknen 515-725-2246
Vertical Infrastructure Program Jennifer Moehlmann 515-725-0454

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Updated 01/09/2014