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Department of Administrative Services

GSE Contacts

DAS Service Personnel Contact Phone Number
Customer Service - Building and Grounds  

515-242-5120 option 3

GSE Chief Operating Officer

Charlee Cross

Capitol Complex Events Nancy Williams 515-281-7259
Capitol Complex Maintenance
  515- 281-3137
Capitol Complex Mechanical Operations
(Electrical/Mechanical/Energy Management)
  515- 281-3137
Construction & Design Resources Bureau Scott Gustafson 515-725-1213
Employee Safety Program   515- 281-3137
Fleet Services Jeannie Adams 515-281-7702
Mail Services Paula Newbrough 515-281-5143
Lease & Space Management Services Barb Bendon 515-281-8887
Procurement Services
(Purchasing) - See below
Kelly Green 515-725-2272
Infrastructure Program Jennifer Moehlmann 515-725-0454

Purchasing Staff

For additional information on specific bids, vendor applications or existing contracts, please contact the appropriate purchasing agent listed below. Or if you prefer, inquiries may be directed to:

Mailing Address:
Department of Administrative Services
General Services Enterprise - Purchasing
Attn: Vendor Registration Coordinator
Hoover State Office Bldg, 3rd Floor
Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0105

Purchasing Email Phone#
CPE Chief Operating Officer Kelly Green 515-725-2272
Procurement Coordinator Michelle Boyd 515-725-2275

Procurement Manager
Day to day operations, cooperative agreements, sole sources, emergency procurements, agency service contracts, workflow status.

Kevin Beichley 515-281-6366


Technology Group Email Phone#
Information Technology equipment and services, including hardware, software, accessories and supplies, banking and financial services, office equipment, including copiers, printers, facsimile equipment, micrographics, photographic, radio communications, telecommunications, telephone, television, audio visual, school equipment, including teaching aids and supplies, testing equipment & accessories, court reporting, and interpreter services.

Nancy Wheelock


Ken Discher,
Karl Wendt,


Facilities, Fleet, & Safety Group Email Phone#
Vehicles - all types & maintenance/ repair services, aircraft, boats & marine products, fuels - all types, tires, water treatment systems & supplies, sale of surplus and obsolete items, Ariba spend analysis tool coordinator, law enforcement equipment and weapons. Ryan Roovaart, MBA, CPSM, CPM, CCCM, CPPB 515-281-5602
Mechanical - all types HVAC, air systems, electrical, elevators/escalators/lifts, solar, wind, and nuclear energy systems, industrial machinery, process piping, plumbing, power generation/transmission, pumps, steam systems, boilers, water treatment systems/chemicals, welding equipment/supplies, and engineering services. Dave Cross 515-725-2893
Construction projects, AE services, construction products and materials, HVAC, fire protection, security systems and insurance services, property rental/lease services. Randall Stapp, CPPO, CPPB 515-242-5005


Institutional Services Group Email Phone#
Drugs and pharmaceuticals, including infusion and feeding, medical equipment & supplies, dental equipment, laboratory equipment, maintenance of same, chemicals, reagents, & supplies, clothing and shoes, first aid and safety equipment, clinical furniture/fixtures, gases, germicides, health care sanitation, laundry/dry cleaning compounds, textiles, bedding, optical equipment/supplies, prosthetics, uniforms, veterinary equipment/supplies, personal care products, x-ray equipment/supplies. Suzy Trotter 515-281-3089
Office supplies, paper/plastic products, furniture/fixtures, art & craft supplies, blinds, draperies, envelopes/forms, luggage & brief cases, cleaning/stripping compounds janitorial, housekeeping, environmental services/recycling, lawn & garden supplies, hotel/motel rates for lodging, musical instruments, notions & sewing machinery/supplies, publications, signs, sign making/marking equipment/supplies, and sporting goods. Dave Kaili 515-281-4774
Agricultural crops/grains, bakery equipment, beauty/cosmetology equipment/supplies, cafeteria and kitchen equipment, cookware, cutlery/dishes and silverware, clocks/timekeeping, dairy equipment/supplies,  fare collection equipment/tickets, farming/ranching services, feed/bedding, fertilizers/conditioners, food processing equipment, food products, live animals, including birds, marine life, and poultry, meat processing equipment, kitchen equipment, nursery plants/supplies, pesticides, refrigeration equipment, scales and weighing, seed/sod, small appliances, and testing/calibration equipment. Randy Bennett 515-725-2925


Purchasing Email Phone#
Contact for policy questions, concerns or recommendations, DAS ebid system and I/3 system coordinator. Michelle Boyd 515-725-2275

Procurement Card and Fuel Card Programs

Barbara Sullivan 515-281-5922
Purchasing FAX   515-725-0135

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