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Department of Administrative Services

Alphabetical Index

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About DAS
About the Director
Accidents with a state vehicle
Accounts Payable (Core - Finance)
Accounts Receivable (Core - Finance)
ADA Advisory Committee
Administration (ITE)
Administrative Rules
Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity
Affirmative Action Plan Coordinators, Information for
Annual Report
Applicant Screening Manual
Application and E-Government Services


Benefit Education
Benefits (Employee Benefits)
Bid Opportunities
BlackBerry Wireless Service
Boards, Commissions and Committees
Buildings (State Buildings, Property and Monuments)


CAFR (State Financial Reports)
Capitol Complex Development
Capitol Complex Events
Capitol Complex Events Calendar
Capitol Complex "Eye on Energy" Kiosk
Capitol Complex Maintenance
Capitol Complex Parking
Capitol Planning Commission
Capitol Photo Ordering
Careers with the State
Car Pool / Ride Share Van Information and Applications
Centralized Payroll
Certificate Programs (Performance & Development Solutions)
Certified Public Manager Program
Chief Information Officer
Coaching, Professional (Performance & Development Solutions)
Collective Bargaining Agreements
Commissions (Boards, Commissions and Committees)
Committees (Boards, Commissions and Committees)
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
Construction Shop (Capitol Complex Maintenance)
Contact Us
CPM (Certified Public Manager Program)
Current Procurement Contracts
Custodial (Capitol Complex Maintenance)
Customer Council
Customer Focus newsletter
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Customer Service Center

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DAS Newsletter
DAS Table of Organization
Defensive Driving Courses
Deferred Compensation Program
Dental Benefits
Design and Construction (Architectural and Engineering Services)
Desktop Support
Discount Program, Employee
Domestic Partner Benefits


E85 information
Educational Directory Order Form
Electrical Services (Mechanical Operations)
Employee Assistance Program
Employee Benefits
Employee Discount Program
Employee Safety Program
Employee Wellness
Employees, Information for (Human Resources)
Employment with the State
Energy Management (Mechanical Operations)
Equal Employment Opportunity (Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity)
Events (Capitol Complex Events)
"Eye on Energy" Capitol Complex Kiosk


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Finance and Operations (Core)
Fitness (Employee Wellness)
Fleet and Mail Services
Flexible Spending Accounts

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General Services Enterprise
Green Buyer
Green Cleaning Initiative
Green Government
Grievance and Discipline (Human Resources)
Groundskeeping (Capitol Complex Maintenance)
GSE General Services Enterprise


Health (Employee Wellness)
Health Care Benefits
Holidays, State
Hoover Datacenter
HRE Human Resources Enterprise
Human Resources Enterprise


I/3 Forms
Information Security Office
Information Technology Enterprise
Infrastructure Services
In-State Travel Reimbursement
Integrated Information for Iowa (I/3)
International Travel Reimbursement
Iowa Certified Public Manager Program
Iowa Executive Branch Workforce Almanac (Just the Facts)
Iowa School Alerts
Iowa Vertical Infrastructure Advisory Committee
IT Standards
ITE Information Technology Enterprise
ITE Governing Councils

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Job Classification Guidelines
Job Classifications and Pay Plans
Job Descriptions
Just the Facts report



Lactation Rooms on the Capitol Complex
Layoffs (Human Resources)
Leasing and Move Management
Leasing and Space Management
Leave, Types of (Human Resources)
Legal Counsel (Core)
Legislative Liaison (Core)
Life Insurance Benefits
Long Term Disability Insurance


Mail Delivery/Pick-up Schedule
Mail Services (Fleet and Mail Services)
Mail Stops
Maintenance (Capitol Complex Maintenance)
Management and Leadership Training
Managers and Supervisors Manual
Managers and Supervisors, Information for (Human Resources)
Marketing and Communications (Core)
Master Plan Update for the Capitol Complex
Material Safety Data Sheets
Mechanical Operations for the Capitol Complex
Memorial Tree/Bench/Table Program
Messaging Services (Information Technology)
Monuments (State Buildings, Property and Monuments)
Move Management (Leasing and Space Management)

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Nutrition (Employee Wellness)


Occupational Training
One Gift Campaign
Online Payroll Warrants
Open Records Policy
Organization Table (DAS)
Organizational Development (Performance & Development Solutions)
Out-of-State Travel Reimbursement


Pay Period Calendar
Pay Plans (Job Classifications and Pay Plans)
Payroll Forms
PDS (Performance & Development Solutions)
Performance & Development Solutions
Performance Planning and Evaluation
Personnel Assistants, Information for
Premium Conversion Plan (Pretax)
Press Releases
Print Services
Procurement Services
Professional Coaching (Performance & Development Solutions)
Publications (Reports and Publications)
Publications Price List (Customer Service Center)
Purchasing (Procurement Services)


Quitting smoking (Employee Wellness)

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Rates (Services and Rates)
Recreational Opportunities (Employee Wellness)
Recycling Program (Capitol Complex Maintenance)
Relocation (Travel & Relocation)
Relocation Reimbursement (Benefits)
Reports and Publications
Reserving space (Capitol Complex Events)
Retirement Investors' Club
Retirement, Continuing Insurance Coverage
Return on Investment Program
Risk Management (Fleet)


SAE State Accounting Enterprise
SAE General Statutes
SAE Manuals, Forms & References
Safety (Employee Safety Program)
Safety Committee (Employee Safety Program)
Salary Book (download or order)
School Alerts, Iowa
Security Services (Information Technology)
Server Services (Information Technology)
Services and Rates
Sick Leave Insurance Program (SLIP)
Space Management (Leasing and Space Management)
Standards, IT
State Accounting Enterprise
State Appeal Board Documents
State Buildings, Property and Monuments
State Employee Handbook
State Financial Reports
State Holidays
State Jobs
State Property (State Buildings, Property and Monuments)
State Surplus Property
Stop smoking (Employee Wellness)
Strategic Plan
Suspicious Mail

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Table of Organization
Technology Advisory Council
Technology Service Desk
Telecommuting (Human Resources)
Training (Performance & Development Solutions)
Training Liaisons, Information for
Travel & Relocation



Vehicle Auctions
Vehicle Dispatch
Vehicle Mileage Reporting System
Vertical Infrastructure (State Buildings, Property and Monuments)
Vertical Infrastructure Advisory Committee
Vertical Infrastructure Program
Violence in the Workplace


Wall of Fame
Warrant Payment Resources
Warrants to Counties, Cities and School Districts
Web Services (Information Technology)
Weight Management (Employee Wellness)
Wellness (Employee Wellness)
Wellness Events (Employee Wellness)
West Capitol Terrace
Workers' Compensation




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